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In CONVERTIVE Automation Solutions,

We are engineers specialized at offering automation solutions which optimize to the maximum the industrial productive processes.

We work with leader industrial automation brands in order to supply our customers with the most state-of-the-art technologies available on the market.

Our professional team, provided with a deep background in this field, is able to empathize with the customers to achieve excellent solutions.

Our mission

To transform problems into solutions using a divergent thinking which enables us to face real innovation challenges.

Discover our services

Personalized programming

Tailor-made programming of machines (PLC's and HMI's), industrial processes (SCADA) and industruial robots (soldering, palletizing, pick and place...).

New projects

Complete solution: design, manufacture, installation and start-up of new processes and/or production lines.

Continuous improvement projects

Modifications of existing production lines in order to change their functionalities, optimize the process, improve the yield...

Industry 4.0

Implementation of personalized hardware and software for data acquisition, processing and submission in an easy interpretable format for the customer.


Electric control