Industrial process

New projects

Complete solution: design, manufacture, installation and start-up of new processes and/or production lines.


Continuous improvement

Modifications of existing production lines in order to change their functionalities, optimize the process, improve the yield...

Industrial programming

Personalized programming

Tailor-made programming of machines (PLC's and HMI's), industrial processes (SCADA) and industruial robots (soldering, palletizing, pick and place...).

Electric box

Retrofitting projects

Redesigning of equipments/processes with out-dated electric and/or control systems in order to renew them and make them more efficient.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Implementation of personalized hardware and software for data acquisition, processing and submission in an easy interpretable format for the customer.


Electric design

Our solutions are provided with an elecric design performed with a professional CAE software.

Our method

1. Visit and analysis

We visit the installations of the customer in order to get first-hand information about the process, needs and industrial environment.

2. Presentation

We prepare and introduce a personalized offer to the customer.

3. Development

We work in order to give shape to the projects and satisfy the needs of our customers, taking care of even the smallest detail.

4. Installation

Installation, start-up, documentation delivery and training of the customer on his new application/process.